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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How do I get Outlook Express
  2. Why do I receive the same email twice

  3. How can I create fancier emails

  4. How do I export my address book

  5. How do I spell check my emails

  6. Can I sort my incoming messages automatically

  7. What am I unable to get back on-line to send emails

  8. Can I read any my Hotmail in Outlook Express

  9. What is this attachment

  10. Why am I unable to send email from Outlook Express

  11. How can I resend an old email

  12. Why aren't my multiple email accounts working

  13. How can I display the Outlook Bar

  14. How can I safely delete email attachments, safely

  15. Why do my emails get deleted

  16. What is the Hotmail server address

  17. Branding how do I get rid of it

  18. Is it possible to save email to Hard disk

  19. Am I able to work offline in Outlook Express, if so how

  20. How can I remove this virus

  21. Why does OE take an age to load

  22. Can I have more than one email address

  23. Why do my emails keep dialing up

  24. How do I activate auto-complete for email addresses

  25. Why do my messages show in the deleted folder

  26. Why am I un-able to view Word documents

  27. Why does my phone number appear when I logon

  28. Can I get rid of my ISP's extras

  29. How can I send large attachments with emails

  30. Is it totally possible to block SPAM

  31. Can I carbon Copy Cc to more than one person

  32. How can I bypass a possible virus

  33. Is :80 something I should be worried about

  34. How do I disable Auto Dial

  35. Why is my email not working

  36. How can I share Outlook Express




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