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Outlook Express Tips & Tricks


Change the Default Font

To change the Default Font used by Outlook Express (when sending HTML mail/news):

  1. From the menu bar select Tools > Stationery
  2. Here you can set the Default font for both Mail and News

Change the Title Bar Text

You can change the text on the Title Bar from Outlook Express to a text of your choice:

  1. Start the Registry Editor
  2. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Outlook Express
  3. Select Edit from the menu
  4. Select New > String Value
  5. Call it WindowTitle
  6. Now double-click this entry and insert your text
  7. Close the Registry editor and restart Outlook Express


How to change the New Mail Notification sound

If you want to change the sound which playes when new mail arrives, don't go looking in Outlook Express! You have to change a Windows sound event.

  1. Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel and Open Sounds
  2. In the Events: window, scroll down to the entry New Mail Notification
  3. Now you can use the Browse button under the Sounds header to select a new sound
  4. Press Apply and OK


Adding multiple attachments

Start a new message, then drag and drop a file from Windows Explorer into the mail composition window.

Using this method, you can highlight multiple files, and drag and drop in one operation.

Send Page

Outlook Express lets you create and view e-mail in HTML instead of just in plain text. To create an HTML message, click the Compose Message button on the main menu. In the New Message window, select Rich Text (HTML) from the Format menu. A new toolbar appears that contains standard HTML formatting buttons for fonts, lists, bullets, lines, links and images. You can use these buttons to create slick HTML email that your recipients can view either in HTML-ready e-mail programs or in a Web browser.

You can permanently change the settings (to send all your e-mail (or news) in HTML or Plain Text) by selecting Tools > Options from the menu, on the Send tab you can choose how you want to send your e-mail and news.

View Replies to news posts

If you just want to view replies to your posts:

From the View menu choose Current View > Replies to my posts

Send Message Later

Outlook Express now defaults to sending a message direct. If you want to send your message later, you will have to use Send Later from the File menu in the New Message window.

If you have more then one account, this option is called Send Later Using, and you can choose the Account to send your mail with.

How to Set the Server Timeout

If you frequently get an error message that your connection has timed-out and that you have been disconnected from the News Server, adjust your timeout settings:

  1. In Outlook Express News select Accounts from the Tools menu
  2. Select the appropriate account
  3. Press Properties and select the Advanced tab
  4. Adjust the Slider to set your Server timeout




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