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How do I get Outlook Express?

Outlook Express is the e-mail client software that ships with Internet Explorer. To get the most recent version of Outlook Express, download Internet Explorer 6 SP1.


Why do I receive the same email twice?

This is because your email options are configured wrong, you have elected to keep a copy on your server, so that when you open Outlook Express to receive mail it resends the message again that is still on your server.


  1. Click on Tools
  2. click on Accounts
  3. click on the MAIL tab
  4. Click on the Properties button


   5.    Click on the Advanced tab

   6.    Under the "Delivery" heading, make sure that leave a copy of the message on server is unticked.

   7.    Close the window.


How can I create fancier emails?

Open the new message window, select format on the tool bar, here you will find what you want. You can add sound, background graphics and colour or you can use the supplied stationary options.


How do I export my address book

To import an address book or business card from another e-mail program to Outlook Express, follow these steps in Outlook Express:
  1. On the Tools menu, click Address Book.
  2. On the File menu, point to Import, and then click Address Book or Business Card (vcard).
  3. If you are importing an address book, click the address book you want to import, and then click Import. Depending on the type of address book you are importing, either locate and click the address book file, and then click Open, or proceed through the wizard. If you are importing a business card, locate and click the .vcf file you want to import, and then click Save.


How do I spell check my emails?

  1. Open Outlook Express and move your arrow on top of the word Tools (top toward left) and left-click once and then click options.

  2. On the next screen, you'll see a lot of tabs, click the tab that reads Spelling.

  3. On the next screen, make sure there is a check mark in the boxes next to Always check spelling before sending and Suggest replacements for misspelled words. To place a check mark there, left-click once in the box.

  4. Click apply and ok (bottom) and all the e-emails you send will automatically check for errors BEFORE sending.


Is it possible to sort out my incoming mail?

"Yes", by using message rules. One a new folder is created you can set Outlook Express to send messages from specified senders to specified folders: Creating rules


Why am I unable to get back online to send mail?

To try and correct this first try disabling the 'Send & Receive messages on startup option. Select Options from the Tools menu->General tab, then clear the box next to send and receive messages at startup then click Ok.


Can I receive my Hotmail in Outlook Express?

"Yes". Configure Outlook Express in the normal way, ie: name, email address click next. In the incoming mail server dropdown menu box select HTTP then my HTTP service provider is hotmail, the rest will be filled out for you by default. Click next then continue to follow the email wizard.


What is this attachment?

Look at the end of the file name it will have a ending such as .jpg .gif .txt or the infamous .exe. There are lots more.

.jpg is a jpeg image file, .gif is a image file say a cartoon drawing, .txt is a text file and exe is a executable file, NOT recommended to be opened as .exe are virus carriers.


Why am I unable to send emails?

There could be numerous reasons: Firstly make sure you have the correct POP3 & SMTP servers. Check your password and username/email address. Some servers require Secure Password Authentication" (SPA). Make sure your connection settings are correct, you will find these in your Internet account Properties. Open Outlook->Tools->Accounts->Mail Tab->select your mail server-Properties->connection tab.


How am I able to resend an old email message?

I find it easiest to open the old message select the text I want to resend or send all the message copy this then create a new message and then paste the old message text on to there.


My multiple email accounts aren't working, why?

Specify the account you want to use before composing your email. Start by composing your message before you send it, click on the dropdown list in the from bar on the tool bar to display a list of your accounts. Select which one you want to send from then send the message.


How can I display the Outlook bar?

Open Outlook Express Go to View->Layout under the Basic title select Outlook Bar.


Can I safely delete email attachments, safely?

"Yes". go to your inbox and find the email with the unwanted attachment. Double-click on the header to open it in a new window. Right click on the name of the attached file to display a menu and select the remove option. Select File -> Close, click yes when asked if you would like to save changes. The attachment is now removed, but the text of the email is still remains intact.


Why do my emails automatically get deleted?

This may be that you have setup a rule that will delete incoming mail or mail coming from a certain source/person/email address or containing a specified word. Check Message Rules


what is the Hotmail server address?

The server address is:

This will be put in by default if you are using Outlook Express to open your Hotmail. Check receive Hotmail


Branding, how do I get rid of it?

This can be done by editing the registry: Open Reg editor -> Start->Run->regedit->OK. Find and highlight the folder HKEY_CURRENT_USER then press F3 and type Outlook Express the the find box then click find next. Find the entry called Window Title in the right hand pane. Press F3 again to continue the search if it isn't found the first time. When you do find it right click and chose modify and change the entry to read Outlook Express then click ok. When you next open Outlook Express the branding should be removed. If not restart your system the configuration settings may need to adjust.


Is it possible to save email to hard disk?

This is not recommended as you will be changing the default location: Click tools->Options then go to the maintenance tab. Towards the bottom of the window that appears, click on the store folder button. There you can change the folder in which Outlook Express stores your data. Click the change button and navigate to a new location (c:).


Am I able to work offline in Outlook Express, if so how?

"Yes". Type your message as normal. Instead of pressing "SEND" when you've finished the message click on the X in the top right hand corner of your message, you will then be prompted to save the message. Click yes and the message will be saved in your drafts folder until you are ready to go online and send it.


How can I remove this virus?

Firstly run your anti-virus program (if you have one installed). Try to download one if not, some viruses will prevent you from downloading them, if this is the case, go to a one-line virus checker such as Norton, you can download removal tools for named viruses: or


Why does Outlook Express take an age to load?

This may be due to a large amount of incoming mail or the amount of messages that you have in your system, do a little cleaning up. Delete all unnecessary messages that you no longer need. If you have messages with attachments delete the attachment if no longer needed. Also when all is removed compact all your folders. File-> Folders-> Compact all. Do this for every account. 


Can I have more than one email address?



Why do my emails keep dialing up?

There are two possible cures, first switch off the preview pane, View-> Layout, at the bottom of the box untick "Use the preview pane to quickly view a message without opening in a separate window".

Another way is to work off-line when your not connected to the internet. To do this. Download your messages and choose file-> Work off-line, now you should be able to view the message without your email dialing up. ( This problem usually arises when the email is in Html format, which is possibly a link to the internet).


How do I activate Auto-Complete for email addresses?

Tools-> Options-> Send tab, tick the box "Automatically complete e-mail addresses when composing".


Why do my messages show up in the Deleted folder?

This may be something to do with the message rules you have set up. Check all your message rules to make sure that nothing is directed towards the Deleted items folder.


Why am I unable to view Word documents?

First have you got word installed?  This problem may be caused if the word documents have been moved, they may have lost there file extensions .doc. You can rename the file by opening Windows explorer-> View-> Folder Options, remove the tick from the Hide File Extensions for known file types box. find you word document from the list in the left pain select it, then rename it ********.doc. (******** being the name of the document). Make sure you re-tick the hide file extensions box.


Why does my phone number appear when I logon?

Select Start-> Settings-> Control Panel. Double click the Modem icon, click dialing properties and in the box that appears check that the country/region you are dialing from is United Kingdom and it had the correct area code. make sure the options labeled 'for local calls, dial' are clear, then click OK. Next select start-> Settings-> Dialup Networking, right click your connection and click properties, on the drop down menu that appears make sure your country and area code are correct, if so try to connect again. If the phone number still appears then uncheck the Dialing properties box, clear the 'use area code' field and type your complete ISP number in to the telephone number box.


How can I get rid of my ISP's extras?


To remove the Newsgroup: Open Outlook Express and right click on news."your ISP". Select remove account and click yes to confirm.

Registry Tweaks/InfoPane: Use the registry editor for this. Start->Run->regedit->OK.Choose HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Identities->Your ID number->Software->Microsoft->Outlook Express->5.0. Next locate two files in the right hand pane, these are 'BodyBarPros' and 'BodyBarPath' and delete them. Click OK to confirm deletion and close the registry editor.


How can I send large attachments with emails?

In Outlook Express, Tools-> Accounts-> Mail-> Click on your ISPs account and choose properties-> Advanced Tab-> then check the box labeled "Break apart messages larger than" and set a figure. You will be able to find the maximum size  your are able to send by contacting your ISP.


Is it totally possible to block SPAM?

Plain and simply "NO"


Can I carbon Copy (Cc) to more than one person?

"Yes". In the Cc: line of the email enter a  recipients address or nickname followed by ; and a space then the next recipient (e.g,;; ect.)

How can I by-pass this possible Virus?



Is :80 something that I should worry about?

"No" :80 is a port addresss on the web server indicating where the page requested should be sent to.


How do I disable Auto-Dial?

Tools->Options->Connection Tab, click the change button, there are three options select "Never Dial a connection". Click apply then OK.


Why is my email not working?

A number of reasons, first: 

Open Microsoft Outlook Express.

2. Go to "Tools" on the menu bar, and then select "Accounts."

3. In the Mail tab, go the e-mail account you are having trouble with and click on the "Properties" button.

4. Click on the General tab. You should see a screen similar to the one below. Make sure the "Include this account when receiving mail or synchronizing" box is checked. Also, make sure your correct e-mail address is typed in the E-mail address field. Click Apply.

5. Click on the Servers tab. Make sure your Incoming mail (POP3) and Outgoing mail (SMPT) server names are correct. For example, if your e-mail address is username@, then your Incoming mail will be and Outgoing mail would both be Also, make sure you have entered your correct username and password. You may want to reenter them just in case. Both the "Log on using Secure Password Authentication" and "My server requires authentication" boxes should be unchecked. Click Apply.

6. Click on the Connections tab. Make sure the "Always connect to this account using" box is unchecked.

7. Click on the Security tab. Your screen should look like the one below. Click Apply.

8. Click on the Advanced tab. Make sure both "This server requires a secure connection (SSL)" boxes are unchecked. Click Apply.

9. Click OK to save your settings.



How can I share Outlook Express?

  1. Click on File, Identities, Add New Identity.
  2. A "New Identity" screen will pop up, type in your full name or the name or nick that you want to name this identity.
  3. From this point, you have the option to put in a password. This can be used to keep others from seeing your email, if you would like to use this option simply check the box next to "Ask me for a password when I start".
  4. An "Enter Password" box will pop up and you will need to type in the password that you would like to use. Type it in the second time to confirm the password. (You MUST remember this password) Then hit "Ok". Then "Ok" again.
  5. It will then configure Outlook Express for the new identity. After doing so, it will ask you if you would like to switch to the new identity. Click "Yes". After clicking "Yes", it will bring up the Internet Connection Wizard.
  6. Type in the name that you will want others to see when you email them. Click Next.
  7. Type in your email address, Click Next.
  8. Incoming mail server should be set to POP3/HTTP ot IMAP. In the box below  the Smtp outgoing address
  9. In the Account name field, type your username in all lower case letters. In the Password field, type your password in all lower case letters. You can leave the "Remember password" box checked if you don't want to type in your password each time Outlook Express checks your email. Click Next.
  10. Click Finish.





























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