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How to make a template

If you want to preserve some time (who doesn't) you can prepare a template e-mail message.

First in Outlook Express (although it probably works in other e-mail programs as well), start a new message (press the Compose New Message button. In this message you can select the Stationary you want to use, the signature and/or any other standard text you want to send with all your messages. Now save your message (click File > Save As, and give it a name (save as a *.eml type).

Add a shortcut (or the file itself) to your Quick Launch bar (\Windows \ Application Data \ Microsoft \ Internet Explorer \ Quick Launch), or on the Desktop. Now if you want to send a new message, just click the shortcut.

Some people have been complaining that it is not possible to send a CC (Carbon Copy) or BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) of all outgoing messages to an other e-mail address, well now you can! Using the template just add the address you want to send the CC or BCC to, and safe it.

If you use the template with version 5 of Outlook Express, you will probably already have noticed that OE deletes the template as soon as you used it once. You can "fix" this by making your *.eml template Read-only. To do this, open Windows Explorer and find your *.eml template. Right-click on it, and from the contect menu choose Properties. Check the box in front of the Read-only attribute, press Apply and OK.


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