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Open messages from address book contacts only


Go to Outlook express - > Tools -> Message Rules -> Mail -> New :

Tick  "Where the from line contains people", Tick an item in box number 2 box (You have a choice to copy, delete, move to folder, do not download it from server or delete it form server),  you might want to set up a junk folder and put them there.

Now click "contains people" under box number 3, click "address book", highlight the first name and scroll down to bottom of list and hold "Shift key" and click the last name, click "From" at top right and it will copy address to "Rule Addresses", click "ok", click "options", tick "Message does not contain the people below", click "ok", click "ok". Then click "Specified Folder (if you chose that option earlier), pick a folder/ click "OK".


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