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Junk email (Spam)


Microsoft Outlook Express' anti-spam capabilities depend on the version you are using. With most versions, you can block messages that come from a sender or domain (the name following the @symbol). This is a nice option, because spammers love to repeatedly attack users several times. Once a spam message arrives, highlight it, click to the Message menu and select Block Sender. You can also set up different message rules using Outlook Express' Inbox Assistant, which is accessible from the Tools menu. No matter which tactic you use, Outlook Express will automatically send spam straight to the trash folder. Consult Outlook Express' Help Guide for more information.

One you have received a message that is spam you can note its contents and block it by creating message rules to send it to the deleted folder immediately.


Message Rules

Spam Prevention

  1. Don't buy, you may receive an email with a deal of a life time don't be tempted by it.

  2. Don't reply, if & when you receive some junk email, there will be a statement at the bottom of the mail saying reply to this address if you wish to be removed from there mailing list. This only shows the spammers that your email is active.

  3. Don't join in chain letters, Don't forward chain letters delete them.

  4. Have a spare email address, if you feel the need to reply to junk, do so on a sacrificial email address, one that is not very important to you, so if need be you can give up using it.

  5. Don't give out your email address out to everyone.

  6. Use BCC when possible so spammers will not get hold of addresses.


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