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Digitally encrypted Messages

To send an encrypted message, you must first have a copy of the intended recipient's public encryption key or encryption certificate (the certificate contains a copy of the public key).  Assume that you have already obtained the recipient's public key certificate and that the recipient is in your Contacts list.

To send an encrypted mail message:

  1. Click the New Mail button to create a blank message.
  2. In the To field, type in your e-mail address or another person's e-mail address.
  3. Add text to the Subject and body areas of the message window.
  4. Click the Encrypt message icon to request that the message be digitally signed. The icon has a picture of an envelope with a blue lock over it (the lock turns blue when your mouse hovers over the button).
  5. Optional: If you also want to digitally sign the message, then select the Digitally sign message icon in addition to the Encrypt message icon.
  6. Click Send to send the encrypted message.
  7. If you are using a smart card, the Select Card dialog box appears if the requested card is not present in the reader. Select the reader where the card is inserted and click OK.

    When you are prompted for your PIN, type your PIN and click OK.


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