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Backing up email


Shut down Outlook Express.

Right click on your desktop and select [New], [Folder].
Call it Mail Backup.

Click [Start]
Select [Find] or [Search] (depending on your operating system)
Select [Files or Folders]
In the box [Search for files named:] type *.dbx
Click [Search]

The file-folders used by Outlook Express are called:

inbox.dbx    outbox.dbx    sent*items.dbx    deleted*items.dbx    drafts.dbx

It will also list any custom folders you may have created

Once Windows has found the file(s), highlight any you want to back-up.
(To select more than one file, hold the [Ctrl] key and click on each file in turn)
Right click on the files and select [Copy]
Close the search window.

Browse to the desktop.
Double click the folder [Mail Backup]
Right click inside the folder and select [Paste]
The email file-folders are now backed-up to the desktop folder [Mail Backup].

If you are going to format the computer's Hard Drive, then the files will be lost.
To prevent this, you can copy them to a Floppy Disk / CDR etc.


Restoring email

(If you saved your file-folders to a floppy disk, insert it before proceeding).

Open [Outlook Express]
Click [Tools], [Options]
Click the [Maintenance] tab
Click [Store Folder]
Highlight the “path” contained in the box by left clicking and holding the mouse button down at the beginning, and dragging to the end of the box.
Release the left mouse button.
Right click on the text and choose [copy]
Click [Cancel]
Click [OK]
Exit Outlook Express

Click [Start] then click [Run]
Right click inside the [Open] box and choose paste
Click [OK]
A folder will open containing all the Outlook express files.

Open [My Computer]
Open the Mail Backup folder you created on your desktop (or [3½ Floppy (A:)] if you saved the file-folders to floppy).
Highlight the “.dbx” files you want to restore.
Left click, holding the mouse button down drag the selections into the window you opened by following the instructions above.
The files will be copied into the folder. (A pop-up window may ask if you want to overwrite the existing files. If it does, click [Yes])
Repeat until all files are restored.

Close all open windows.
Remove the floppy disk and store in a safe place.



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