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Microsoft® Outlook Express Help










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TO:  This is the mail recipients email address
Cc:  Carbon copy, to send to other mail recipients
Bcc: Blind carbon copy, hides the recipients name from other recipients
Subject:  The topic of the email
Attach:   Any attachments you have sent



Horizontal line button, For inserting a horizontal line in the message
Hyperlink button, to insert a hyperlink
Image button, To insert an image



Send:  When the email is ready click this button and the message will be sent.

Cut:     If you have typed a portion of the message....Select the text and click. You will be able to place this text in another place.

Copy:  Once you have typed some text, select it and copy it.

Paste:  Select a place you want to insert some cut/copied text and click paste

Undo:  To undo your previous actions.

Check: When you can't remember someone's complete e-mail address, enter a partial name and it will check your address book, for that name.

Spelling: To check spelling.

Attach:  Click to send an attachment (will allow you to search your hard drive for it)

Priority: You can set a priority of the message, High, Normal or Low.

Sign:      To digitally sign a message.

Encrypt:  Encrypt the message.

Offline:   To work offline.  


Drop Down Text Box:   Click the down pointing arrow and select the style of text.

Text Size:   Click the down pointing arrow and select the size of text.

Paragraph style:   

B: Bold. I: Italic. U: Underlined. A: Font Colour.

: Bulleted list.

: Numbered List.

: Increase or Decrease indentation.

: Text, justified, left align, Right align & Center.


Reply: To reply to a received message

Reply All: To reply to all the recipients of the email

Forward: Forward the message to other people

Print: Print the message

Delete: Delete the message

Previous: When you are reading a open message you can click to the previously read message.

Next: When you are reading a open message you can click to the next read message.

Addresses: Address Book


OE removed access to a unsafe attachment: This is due to Outlook Express thinking that the attachment may contain a virus. If you want to view the attachment: Go to Tools -> Options then click on the Security tab and
uncheck where it says "Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that
could potentially be virus". (Only Outlook Express 6 +)


Here you can see who the message is from, the date it was sent, who it is to, (stupid, you know its to you) and the subject.
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